About Us

We are a big, little family of 7 learning, exploring and creating, all the while inviting others into the adventure. We are a homeschooling family that values hands on learning and quality time experiences that outweigh a temptation for screens.
Jeff and Shannon met in 2001 as college students at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  By 21 years old, they knew almost immediately that something special was happening and decided to get married “young” during their final year of college.  Over 17 years of marriage later they are living the dream, Aldi style.  Having never imagined having a bigger family, 5 kids later (13, 11, 7, 5 & 3) their family is complete and every face perfectly belongs.  They never had an opinion on homeschooling (Jeff wasn’t and Shannon was) and eventually discovered that to be the model that worked best for their kids’ learning style.  Jeff coaches marriages, hosts podcasts and creates media and Shannon was a certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter by trade who worked in the Orange County, FL School System for years before beginning the journey of homeschooling.  
Even before they were married, they had a love for road trips, camping, the outdoors and exploring new places.  They’ve road tripped to nearly 40 states, sometimes traveling as many as 6500 miles in two week spans to not just read about the world they live in, but see and experience it through their own eyes.  They live literally minutes from Walt Disney World and often find a few hours each week to go hang with the Mouse.    
They occasionally partner with companies to highlight products and services they love in an ethical and transparent manner.  Trust is important to them and in a world inundated with product placement and advertising they want to bring value to their audience, not suspicion. 
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