Caiden’s Etsy: Starting Your Own Kid Business

My name is Caiden McLaughlin and I am 13 years old. I have always loved creating things, from drawing portraits of my favorite Disney characters at age 5, to building toy boats in recent months. When I was little, I used to lock myself in my room for hours on end and scribble drawings until I ran out of paper. So it made sense for me at 13, when no one could legally hire me for a job, to start an Etsy store to make money. There’s certainly a lot to learn when starting your own kid business.

Having always been arts and crafts oriented, it wasn’t difficult to decide to create things to sell, but which things to sell. That and the constant concern that no one would want to buy something from a kid, or even a teenager, held me back from finally starting an Etsy account. But two days ago I took a leap and went for it. Currently, I’m selling canvases I’ve painted and embroidered on, peg dolls, and wedding cake toppers, but I hope to put more things on my store. To decide what to sell, I just took two things I love—painting and embroidering—and combined them to make canvases with abstract shapes and embroidered images on them. One is a rose, another a butterfly.

Another one of my products has a more interesting story. A couple of years ago, my mom bought a bunch of wooden peg dolls and asked me to paint them like superheroes for my younger brothers. I complied and made the Avengers. This was my first experience painting peg people, and I was lousy at it at first. But then, after my mom had me paint more of them, I got better and better until I finally had a decent person-like peg or two. That was when I saw peg doll wedding cake toppers listed on Etsy for over $200. It was insane how much people were paying for these, and given my love for making “little people,” I decided to try my hand at it. My cake toppers are custom made, meaning that to buy a pair, you must send me either a photo of yourself or a description, answering the questions I provide on the listing, and I’ll paint a peg doll that resembles you. It’s super easy to purchase and it’s less than a fourth of the regular price for similar wedding toppers, not to mention a beautiful decoration for your special day.

As a kid, it’s hard to find ways to make money in this day and age; there aren’t any paper routes, bake sales are out of the question what with this pandemic and all, and at 13, you’re apparently “too young” to babysit. With websites like Etsy and eBay, however, starting your own kid business may be easier than it’s ever been.

This business will also hopefully teach me entrepreneurial skills, and grow my business knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to what’s coming next!

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