Sponsor Our Projects & Adventures

We love working with businesses and individuals who share our passion to inspire curiosity in little learners.  Being out on the road certainly has costs associated with it, yet financial partnership can be mutually beneficial as we in a sense work for our partners, continuing to tell our stories and capture great videos, all the while referencing the support and products of the businesses and individuals who are helping us as we go.  Financial partnership helps support administrative, logistical and technical aspects of what we do, all the while helping to further our research and education as we seek to create accurate and engaging learning experiences to share.


Product Sponsorship

One of the ways you can partner with us is through product sponsorship.  We are often asked questions about how we take some of the adventures we take and what gear is necessary when we travel.  This leads us into some great conversations where we get to talk about how great a product or service is.  When we find quality gear we are usually vocal to support it and promote it to others.  We regularly use camping gear which includes tents, sleeping bags, cookware, flashlights, outdoor and adventure clothing and shoes, as well as gadgets.  Additionally, as filmmakers we carry a wide variety of gear, from cameras to lenses to stabilization devices to lighting to audio and even drones.  We love trying new products out and are happy to give a shout out after having the opportunity to test out gear on our adventures.  Additionally, we are open (and would prefer) to exclusively using gear from sponsoring outfitters, should the possibility be a good fit for both sides.


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