In this episode we get to hang out with our friends Alex, Sydney & Julia to learn all about the family business they started that resulted from their love of Disney pin trading.  We join them at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida to see their invention, the Pinfolio, and to join them in trading with other collectors at the park.

-As a family, think of a small business idea you could create together. This could be as simple as selling food at a garage sale or more involved like introducing a new product or starting an online reselling business like ours! (

-Parents ask little learners:
1) What is something you love to do and wish you could get paid for? How do you think you could turn this love into a job?
2) Can you name 3 famous people who started their own businesses based on things they loved to do?
3) What is something you absolutely love to collect?

-Little learners ask parents:
1) Do you love what you do for a living? How did you know what you wanted to do?
2) Have you ever considered doing something totally different for a living? Why did you decide not to?
3) What kinds of things did you collect as a kid?

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