In this episode we spend time with Kai Honeck, a freelance filmmaker and creative genius.  Kai has been making films since his mid teens and he teaches us a few basic tricks of filmmaking that even little learners can practice in order to make some really cool videos.

With friends or family, brainstorm a video script a video using one of your own as the main subject. Share about your project with others, especially those who may have some knowledge of filmmaking so they can comment and critique your work.

-Parents ask little learners:
1) Did you like your role in our family movie? Why? How could we do it better?
2) What person or place would you like for our family to go visit and make a short video about?
3) How can I help resource you with tools you need to experiment with video making just like Kai was able to do when he was younger?

-Little learners ask parents:
1) What is your favorite family movie of us? Why?
2) Share one of your favorite memories of your family when you were growing up.
3) Is there a movie you like simply because of the film making style used?

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