In this episode we hang out with Elliot Hansen, who owns his own Time Machine…well, sort of. Elliot purchased his very own DeLorean DMC-12 (a.k.a. the Back To The Future car) and turned it into an exact replica of the infamous movie version.  He shares the story of how he customized the car and also introduces us to his neighbor Joe who shares his love for movie prop re-creation.


-Take some time for a family movie night, but do it with purpose. Find an older classic that you can enjoy, grab some pizza from the best local spot and turn off all the distractions.

-Parents ask little learners:
1) Who was your favorite character or what was your favorite scene in the movie we watched?
2) What was your favorite part of our family movie night?
3) What are some other activities like this that we can make a regular part of our routine?

-Little learners ask parents:
1) Did your family have family movie nights when you were growing up?
2) What is your favorite movie of all time?
3) What was your favorite part of our family movie night?


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