In this episode we learn about helicopter aviation from Deputy Bill Keller of the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Aviation Division.  Bill teaches us hands on on how a helicopter flies, the kinds of equipment helicopter pilots use and how police agencies use helicopters to keep us safe.

Build your own helicopter rotor.  You will need dowel rods, craft sticks, duct tape and beads.  The dowel rod us used to create the rotor shaft (what spins the blades) and the craft sticks (or tongue depressors) are for blades.  Use a screw driver to poke holes in the blades so that they can be attached to the mast.  Duct tape can be used to add weight to the blades and crafting beads can be used above and below the blades to secure the blades to the mast.  Using your hands spin your rotor mast and let go, observing how long your rotor can stay in the air.  By experimentation, add or subtract materials to create the most efficient rotor.

-Little learners ask parents:
1. Have you ever had to work a long time to get the job you wanted?
2. Do you love the job you have now, or would you prefer to be doing something different?
3. What is the greatest challenge or adventure you’ve had in your job?

-Parents ask little learners:
1. What kind of job are you interested in or admire?
2. Would you enjoy being a pilot? Why? What would you enjoy more?
3. Do you have any questions about what I do at my job?

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