In this episode we get to hang out with our friend Joe Gravelle again and learn how to make cool items that aren’t being mass produced using lasers and 3D printers. Joe invited us to come to something called a maker space, where other creatives gather to share ideas and design and produce things and to see all of the machines at their disposal.

-As a family, make your own creation together. Dream up an idea and find some raw materials and build something cool! If you want to cheat a little, build it out of Legos!

-Parents ask little learners:
1) What is something you wish you could build and why?
2) Do you ever stop to think about how the things we use every day (from toys to tools) are actually made?
3) Can you name 3 famous inventors?

-Little learners ask parents:
1) Did you ever build anything growing up? If so what were your favorite things to build?
2) Have you ever taken something apart to figure out how it works?
3) Who do you think is the most important inventor of the past 100 years and why?

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