In this episode we talk about where the phrase “WeMcLaughlins” came from. Like most nicknames, there is a story behind this that began as a potentially bad experience turned great, a pivotal moment that helped our family grow.

Take some time for a family picnic at a nearby park or scenic place.  Turn off phones or any device that would distract you from being fully present.

-Parents ask little learners:
1) What’s a phrase or rule our family lives by?
2) How can we re-word that phrase into something more memorable?
3) What’s something we’re learning right now that can be our next phrase to put into practice in the coming weeks and months?

-Little learners ask parents:
1) Did your family have slogans or phrases they used when you were growing up?
2) Tell me about one memorable teaching moment in your life that helped you grow?
3) What is your hope for us kids as we’re growing up?

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