PODCAST 091817 What Is Curiosity Inspired?

In this episode we talk about what the phrase curiosity inspired means to our family and our media ventures.  In looking retrospectively Shannon shares how her future career and interests were peaked at a young age through hands on experiences while Jeff shares how he would have benefitted from hands on exposure to interesting careers and hobbies in fine tuning the intersection of his interests and passions. http://www.wemclaughlins.com/podcast/2017/091817.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Go Outside: Real Connection In A Virtual World.

Several years ago I challenged a friend to one of the worst schemes I can think of, yet one that still rings of brilliance in retrospect.  As we argued over why I should be on Facebook, I joked with him that I could do without the hundreds of birthday well-wishers who, sans Facebook calendar, would have had no clue of my special day.  Now, I must confess I am no big fan of birthdays, personally.  Every birthday at exactly 9:50pm […]

Bringing Dad Home

A slogan we have often used to describe the purpose of the WeMcLaughlins videos, podcasts and website has been “Turning The Heart Toward Home.” I (Jeff) rate very high on Tom Rath/Gallup’s Strengths Finders Assessment in “belief,” one of 34 strengths the assessment has identified as present in humanity in varying degrees of strength or weakness. Such a strength seems to dictate that the carrier will exhibit their full passion when what they are doing or selling aligns with their […]