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Why support our work?  We recognize that without an audience our adventures and projects are largely without purpose.  While we will always cultivate experiential learning in our own little ones, the motivation for an audience was anything but a desire to have a following or celebrity status.  In our opinion, there is too much noise already vying for the world's attention.  Our desire, then, is not to bring noise but to bring clarity in the midst of noise.  We want our projects to give permission to subvert the status quo.  When most learning today is happening in monotonous ways, even with the incredible technology at our disposal, we want to bring color and contrast.  Tour guides, backpackers and poets often notice details that the overwhelming majority misses.  Their appreciation for detail, beauty and context are what bring stories to life and reason and purpose to what is otherwise overlooked.  When our family was awakened to the beauty and intricacy of stories and places around us, an unfortunate side effect was the recognition that others were still unaware.  Our projects are an invitation for others to join in and be captivated by wonder and curiosity, innate traits that, sans cultivation, wither away in the heart of every person.  We need your support to stay on the road and to find new stories and share adventures in new places.  Here's how we can work together:

  1. Work With Us: We would love to work with companies who provide products and services relevant to our adventures, especially ones we already use and love.  If you are interested in sponsoring us with gear or financially to further our media endeavors, click to learn more.
  2. Support Our Patreon Page: Patreon is a web site with a goal "to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income."  Simply put it's a way to invest in the content we create.  We value our patrons and how they support our work!
  3. Visit our eBay Store: We started the eBay store in 2015 for the sole purpose of generating income outside our family budget to purchase the audio/video gear we needed to begin our media projects.  This is truly a family business from top to bottom, with each member of the family contributing to the operation in various ways.  While the store continues to fund our adventures, it also helps us fuel our passion to reduce, reuse and recycle.  We stock the store with some really great finds and we'd love your business!
  4. Shutterstock: Purchase our media, where we sell stock photography, video footage and audio recordings.
  5. Teachers Pay Teachers: We sell full resolution downloads of our videos for use in educational/classroom settings.
  6. Donate Via PayPal: PayPal is the simplest way for many people to contribute.  While Patreon offers a comprehensive look at our vision, we have included this link for simplicity.