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For over a decade now, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of couples, from just starting the adventure to decades in with kids and grandkids. No couple meets at the focal point of their wedding ceremony with the expectation of a few good years and then a destiny to live out the remaining years surviving mediocrity.

Let this picture serve as a thousand words. Unfortunately for many couples, the emotions of this moment are a distant memory as life somehow got in the way of the dreams and passion they once had. When we coach couples, we invite them to place their marriage relationship in an incubator of patience, grace, forgiveness and expectations. No one would fault a baby born prematurely for needing that lifeline, and similarly, couples who reach out for help should regard this as a sign of health and allow themselves grace in the incubator of new learning and programming. While they may relapse at times in the midst of the work, couples who want their marriages to win will learn to institute a new regiment, with new expectations and a clear vision, using new tools and resources. Most marriages are doing the best with the resources that they have, yet many throw in the towel before they acquire the very thing that their marriages needed the most: new resources.

We would love to work with your marriage: Orlando couples in person and anywhere else, virtually, online. Learn how to make conflict an opportunity, to re-integrate your life with your spouses so that you are teammates, not roommates, and find a trajectory so compelling and worth pursuing that you throw aside distractions that once gripped you and divided you, easily and effortlessly.

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