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Letters From The Past

One of the central themes of our WeMcLaughlins YouTube videos is that kids are capable of great learning and accomplishment though they are often written off as insignificant due to age. As parents, Shannon and I are so in awe of the talents and abilities that our own kids have displayed at their young ages and we feel like one of the responsibilities but also privileges that we have is to resource them to expand their reach even further. Weeks […]

We Got This

12 years ago Shannon and I purchased our first house.  Correction: we signed our life away to the bank in exchange for the right to have keys to said house.  As any young couple would, there were lots of things we immediately wanted to improve upon and one of the first was installing a screen enclosure for the back porch.  Fortunately I “knew a guy” who could do the job inexpensively.  Decades earlier, when that guy was starting out his […]

I Believe In You

Over the past several decades iconic music videos have been released that took bad, one hit wonder, mediocre and even excellent songs to iconic status.  Though I’ll confess to being hardly a music fan and certainly not one acquainted with the latest crop of music videos, one of the most excellent songs I’ve heard in recent years was taken to the next level by an even more excellent video. Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” is not only catchy, but […]